Workflow Automation

Submit or receive documents, track shipments, pass another step onto an associate overseas, and even email other parties for an updated status - without human intervention.

Automate Workflow

Automate Workflows

Replace data entry and manual tasks with automated processes

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Instant Notifications

Automate reminders for quotes, document collection, and payments

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Multi-System Integrations

Streamline integrations with partner systems

Benefits of Workflow Bots

According to an analysis by McKinsey, 60% of occupations could save up to 30% of their time by automating business processes. This includes the review and approval of paperwork, generating sales leads, and processing large documents. Automation can surface content that is particularly relevant, meaningful, or exceptional, so that professionals are free to focus only on situations that require their expertise and intelligence. Some other benefits of RPA Labs’ Workflow Bots include:

  • Policy compliance adherence
  • Reduced approval cycles
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction
  • Continual process improvement
  • Better workload management
  • Reduced errors

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