Third Party Logistics (3PL)

The most common mistakes that result in invoice errors and incorrectly managed services are made during the process request stage. Documents are misplaced and files are easily mismanaged, leading to an increase in errors and decrease in customer satisfaction. RPA Labs can ensure these processes are automated to govern the workflow between the company’s TMS system and each carrier’s order processing system with benefits such as:

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Automated Load Creation

  • Create new orders automatically from emails or documents
  • Extract and migrate information from emails to answer inquiries - including BOLs, invoices, PODs, etc.
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Enhanced Visibility

  • Live updates of location & load status
  • Increase efficiency of scheduling, routing, and tracking
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Streamlined Invoicing

  • Process, deliver, pay, and archive all invoices quickly and without errors
  • Fully integrate with your existing finance/ ERP/ procurement solution
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