Track and Trace Technology Automation & Customer Alerts: Using Chatbots to Improve Service & Shipment Visibility

In the supply chain industry today, track and trace technology refers to the ability to quickly access and distribute information about any package’s logistics and shipping history — including those with delivery still in progress and those already delivered. Track and trace processes are often challenging for some transportation service providers that struggle to adjust to the market changes as e-commerce and digital shopping trends continue to grow exponentially. Track and trace technology with automated status monitoring and AI-based chatbots can make the entire process easier for logistics managers and customers alike. Starting with proper budgeting for automation and solid onboarding and unitization, this technology opens doors for future growth and advancement. 

Traditional Pitfalls in Shipment Tracking and Communication

While modern advances have changed the way track and trace technology applies to the supply chain network, there are some pitfalls that outdated tracking and communications methods present:

  • General lack of data compatibility within disparate systems and platforms. 
  • Supply chain visibility issues and significant gaps in end-to-end transparency.
  • Decreased efficiency within the supply chain logistics and transportation systems.
  • Increasingly inaccurate supply and demand predictions and inadequate budgeting plans.
  • Sharp rise in manual input errors and human errors with processing and record-keeping.
  • Lack of access to real-time data and up-to-date tracking status information.
  • Delayed choices and poor decision-making for disruptions and exceptions. 
  • Poor management and tracking of shipments on a local and global level.

These issues with traditional monitoring and communication methods can improve significantly and, in many cases, be eliminated almost entirely with automated track and track technology. 

The Rising Need for Track and Trace Technology Automation and How Chatbots Keep Customers in the Loop

Track and trace technology systems prove to be a significant game-changer in the modern supply chain and transportation industry. Utilizing chatbots and automated communication platforms makes it quick and easy to meet customers where they are and give them the information they need when they need it most. According to Forbes,  customers switching companies because of poor customer service is estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $1.6 trillion annually. 

The same report found that a loyal customer to a brand or company is up to five times more likely to do business with them again and four times more likely to recommend the company to a friend or family member. There should be no doubt that customer satisfaction remains critical for supply chain growth. Automated technology and AI-based chatbots are giving companies the tools necessary to keep customers in the loop at all times thanks to hardware and software innovations.

Tips to Track Shipments in Real-Time With Automated Status Updates and Pre-Programmed Chat Bot Services

While the use of chatbots is not a new concept to many online service platforms and businesses, the level of logistics automation that is available today is revolutionizing the industry.  Among the latest trends in digital marketing is the growing popularity of pre-programmed and robotic processing automation. This includes chatbots that can quickly and easily integrate with any platform and management system. This advanced track and trace technology is designed to automate repetitive tasks, handle basic information search and distribution, and streamline communication lines within the supply chain. 

They also help enhance customers’ experience tremendously by giving them what they want and need: real-time access to updates and information about shipments and services. Automated systems and chatbot services can provide all of this and more to ensure customers will always know where their shipment is and when it will arrive.

Provide the Best Customer Service by Implementing Chatbots to Improve Service Shipment Visibility From Start to Finish

Tracking and tracing shipments requires collecting, analyzing, and distributing data regarding location, transportation modes, transit speed, geological locations, weather and infrastructure delays, and anything else that can hinder or disrupt on-time delivery. These innovative processes are often a challenge within today’s supply chains due to the outdated systems still in use and the sheer volume of items being handled, shipped, tracked, and delivered daily. Embracing the innovation and power of track and trace technology, including chatbots and automated system platforms, can significantly improve shipment visibility and improve freight forwarder services from start to finish. Connect with RPA Labs to get started.