RPA Flow

Revolutionize your document workflows with the premier cloud-based logistics automation platform.

Free your team of manual document processing.

Split, extract, and index shipping documents with 99% accuracy.

Pre-built with next-generation technology.

Embedded Technology


Pre-built with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence so it continues to learn and grow as more workflows are completed.


Integrated technology allows data to flow between any third party system (TMS/ ERP) including schedules, tracking, and carrier data.


Workflows are completed with near-perfect accuracy with our cloud-based logistics RPA platform.

RPA Flow


Two options are readily available for managing document exceptions, bot workflows, and other specifications.

Available in the
Logistics Automation Platform

Access Document KPIs

Utilize document KPIs to drive decision making, analyze productivity, and export and share reports.

Track Document Workflows

Documents are automatically paired with corresponding shipments, allowing you to easily track statuses.

Manage Exceptions

Receive notifications when manual input is needed and manage all exceptions in one location.

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