RPA Engage

Enhance your customer experience by automating interactions with Logistics conversation AI.

Create customer experiences that perform.

RPA Engage automates interactions with customers to help you better support, interact, and sell across all channels.

Respond First

Increase Sales

Engage Customers

Built for logistics.

A proprietary combination of conversational AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and a built-in language library of logistics terminology allows RPA Engage to answer any logistics inquiry.

Spot Quotes

Track & trace

Sailing Schedules

Customer service

Available anywhere you communicate.

Engage with customers, vendors, and internal teams with two of our most popular options:

Logistics ChatBot

Overhaul your customer experience with the world’s first commercially available Logistics ChatBot.

RPA Engage fully integrates Chatbots with existing systems to provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries throughout all your chat channels.

Email Response Bot

Offer nonstop support for customer and vendor inquiries on the most widely used method of communication in the world.

RPA Engage directly integrates through email to answer customer inquiries, eliminating email inboxes up to 80%.

RPA Engage eBook

The Future of Customer Experience is Here

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Calculate your ROI in seconds

See how much you can save when automating high-touch, low-value tasks like email and chat inquiries. 


This calculator is an interactive tool that uses the information that you supply to provide an estimate of your potential return on investment and productivity gains when implementing RPA Engage for email or chat automation. The general accuracy of the estimate generated by the calculator will depend on how closely the variables chosen by you match your actual circumstances.

Any estimate generated by the calculator is not and should not be interpreted as either a promise of or contract for a given level of ROI or productivity gains.