How RPA is Transforming Transportation and Logistics

By rpalabs | August 20, 2020

  If you work in transportation and logistics, technology may sometimes seem like the bane of your existence. The implementation of different kinds of software applications meant to elevate and simplify your business may, in fact, have the opposite effect. Your employees may experience “portal fatigue,” trying to manually piece together a workflow involving a…

August Bot of the Month: Document Indexing Bot

By rpalabs | August 14, 2020

  In the logistics industry the amount of paperwork can be seemingly endless – BOLs, PODs, freight and commercial invoices, packing lists, customs documents – the list goes on. By now, many companies have implemented some form of document OCR to extract the information from the documents, but what happens once that is done? Employees…

Robotic Process Automation Circuit Board

Seven Common Myths about Robotic Process Automation

By rpalabs | July 27, 2020

  You’ve heard about robotic process automation (“RPA” for short). You may have read about how RPA can transform transportation and logistics. You might wonder about the drawbacks of using RPA. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of misconceptions about what automated technology can and cannot do. Below are some of the most common myths…