customer experience in logistics

Customer Experience in Logistics: 5 More Tips for Freight Forwarders

By Adam Robinson | July 29, 2021

Improving customer service and the customer experience in logistics are top priorities in today’s supply chain. Like all forms of communication, there are differences in how teams interact with customers to achieve those goals. Regardless, it is important for shippers and all other professionals in the supply chain to take vital steps to hear the…

freight forwarding customer service

Freight Forwarding Customer Service Best Practices: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

By Adam Robinson | July 22, 2021

Throughout any business, customer service is a vital operation from start to finish. To maintain a competitive edge in the shipping and logistics industry, businesses must follow a few best practices to improve freight forwarding customer service. But it can be tricky. How do you improve customer service processes and reduce the risk for human…

rpa in supply chain

Top 5 Use Cases of RPA in the Supply Chain

By Adam Robinson | July 15, 2021

Many businesses spend years building their management systems and platforms. The value of using RPA in supply chain processes is often overlooked due to the nature of “traditional” maneuvers within the supply chain. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) delivers changes to shipping schedules efficiently, decreasing the chance of delays. RPA can also handle customer needs or…

logistics technology

Logistics Technology: 5 Big Benefits of AI-Powered Logistics ChatBots

By Adam Robinson | July 8, 2021

Logistics technology continues to radically reshape the industry to make shipments faster. There are many benefits to artificial intelligence (AI) powered logistics. For each level of the supply chain, AI-powered logistics can enhance everyday practices. From cleaning up back-office work disorganization to eliminating missed deadlines, AI-powered logistics technology is truly transforming the industry. These bots…

Sailing Schedules

What Are Sailing Schedules & How Can Logistics Chatbots Keep Customers & Employees Always Up to Date?

By Adam Robinson | July 1, 2021

For anyone involved in logistics, managing multi-modal shipping can be overwhelming, with navigating sailing schedules and those using different methods to transport their goods. Shippers can use customer service chatbots to keep their consumers up to date while staying informed with regard to shipment status. Real-time visibility provides status updates for freight forwarders and shippers…

track and trace technology

Track and Trace Technology Automation & Customer Alerts: Using Chatbots to Improve Service & Shipment Visibility

By Adam Robinson | June 24, 2021

In the supply chain industry today, track and trace technology refers to the ability to quickly access and distribute information about any package’s logistics and shipping history — including those with delivery still in progress and those already delivered. Track and trace processes are often challenging for some transportation service providers that struggle to adjust…

logistics automation

3 Ways Logistics Automation & Chatbots Are Reducing Operational Costs

By Adam Robinson | June 22, 2021

Logistics automation has been taking the transportation and shipping industry by storm as renewed focus and interest in computer software and automated machinery grow omnipotent. These automation options are commonly found in warehouse or distribution centers, freight forwarders and carriers, modern supply chain networks, and enterprise logistics and tracking platforms. And now they’re evolving as robotic process automation becomes…

customer service in logistics

5 Ways Chatbots are Improving Customer Service in Logistics

By Adam Robinson | June 17, 2021

As long as customer expectations and demands continue to rise, customer service will be a top priority and driving force for corporations and companies in any industry. Maintaining high-quality standards for customer service in logistics and management is critical for continued growth and success in these challenging times. Chatbots make it easier and more efficient…

Customer Service Chat Bots

Customer Service Chatbots: The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics Customer Experience

By Adam Robinson | June 15, 2021

Customer service chatbots, part of a growing trend known as robotic process automation, have revolutionized the world of online customer interaction and communications. Chatbots make it easier to answer common questions and deal with customer queries promptly. The most significant benefit these chatbots have for the supply chain and logistics customer experience is that they…

2020 Software Bots of the Year

By rpalabs | December 22, 2020

We’re Changing the Way the Logistics Industry Works It’s been a big year for us at RPA Labs. We made a meaningful impact in the logistics industry by taking processes that were being done manually and automating them. From automating the documents that run in and out of systems, streamlining the detention and demurrage process, and…