Proof of Delivery

Logistics companies often ask the question, “who signed for this shipment?”. RPA Labs has developed the latest technology in document automation to read signatures off of the Proof of Delivery (POD) and record them into systems. In addition, RPA Labs can sort and organize all POD’s that come in and put them into specific folders so your accounting team can focus on more productive tasks. Our Software Bots can provide assurances to supplement your Proof of Delivery processes, including:

Document Automation

Complete Data Collection

  • Ensure all data is collected, accurate, and entered into the right database
  • Remind parties to submit information
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Delivery Confirmation

  • Instant transfer of signatures Into a database
  • Remove risk of documents being lost or illegible
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System Updates

  • Real-time notifications when deliveries can or cannot be made
  • Increased visibility allows customer service to promptly handle any situation

Automate Your Order Entry Process


  • Read 100% of documents and categorize them by document type, customer, or any other field.
  • Extract the metadata of the document and migrate the data directly into any TMS/ERP system.
  • Match invoices to bill customers and process invoices.
  • Remove customer logins or portal requirements.
  • Eliminate re-keying data from documents to systems.