Invoice Matching

RPA Labs’ Invoice Automation solves one of the biggest bottlenecks in Accounts Payable departments and unlocks greater efficiencies down the line, all the way through to invoice payment.

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Automate Freight Audits

  • Process, deliver, pay, and archive invoices quickly and without human or process errors
  • Reduce time spent processing each invoice by as much as 85%
Fast ROI

Monitor Charges

Increased visibility helps identify carrier performance metrics, transit times, lanes, ports, and spend for each billed item

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Dispute Resolution

  • Receive notifications when invoices don’t match within set parameters
  • Provide one central location for all shipping documents to easily dispute a claim

Streamline Exception Management

Approximately 90% of invoices don’t match their initial quotes. More than 30% have significant differences. These errors lead to employee hours spent searching through your systems correcting the mistake, or can even slip through the cracks all together - negatively impacting your bottom line. RPA Labs’ software bots can process, deliver, pay, and archive invoices quickly and without errors, fully integrated with your existing finance/ ERP/ procurement solution. Streamline your exception management and dispute resolutions processes with RPA Labs’ Invoice Automation and you can achieve:

  • Reduced manual oversight on invoice processing
  • Improved cycle times
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fewer instances of lost invoices
  • Prevention of duplicate invoices and payments
  • Clear insight into the status of every invoice

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