Freight Invoice

How do you know that the carrier invoices are correct? RPA Labs introduces an automated match-pay process that pings against source data - ERP, TMS, or accounting systems, and compares against the extracted document data. RPA Labs has developed the latest technology in document automation that can read and extract data from a Freight Invoice, regardless of the format. Our Software Bots can provide assurances to supplement your invoicing processes, including:

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Automated Freight Audits

  • Process, deliver, pay, and archive invoices quickly and without human or process errors
  • Reduce time spent processing each invoice by as much as 85%
Fast ROI

Charge Monitoring

  • Increased visibility helps identify carrier performance metrics, transit times, lanes, ports, and spend for each billed item
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Dispute Resolution

  • Receive notifications when invoices don’t match within set parameters
  • Provide one central location for all shipping documents to easily dispute a claim

Automate Your Order Entry Process

  • Read 100% of documents and categorize them by document type, customer, or any other field.
  • Extract the metadata of the document and migrate the data directly into any TMS/ERP system.
  • Match invoices to bill customers and process invoices. Remove customer logins or portal requirements.
  • Eliminate re-keying data from documents to systems.