What Is CX Automation: The Value of Combined Tech


As the world continues to face the health repercussions of the pandemic, the supply chain is also dealing with its own changes in the labor force. In December 2021, McKinsey and Company reported on United States data saying, “Job openings have risen above pre-Covid-19 levels as the economy bounces back. However, the labor force is about 4.7 million smaller than it was pre-pandemic.”

With the end of the supply chain talent shortage nowhere in sight, companies are looking for solutions to do more with less. How does a company continue to add value despite limited staffing? Automation has become the friend of many through its ability to run and generate analytics for company efficiency. In these analytical reports, more companies are seeing the benefits of automating customer experiences. 

What Is Customer Experience Automation?

Before addressing automated customer experience (CX), one must have a firm grasp of CX. Although Although its definition isn’t in any mainstream dictionary, CX refers to all interactions that impact a customer’s perception of a business. By introducing automation into this experience, customers are not limited to simply human contact but have the opportunity to receive automated emails and communicate with chatbots for immediate, simple answers. These RPAs become an extra resource for customers and a conclusive way to track manual and automated interactions. 

Combined, Integrated Automation Streamlines Shipment Execution

When shippers and freight forwarders move ahead with machine learning, AI, automation, and chatbots to create hyper-efficiency, the result is an elevated automated customer experience. Automation integration of  allows the opportunity for international customers to interact with freight chatbots for spot quotes outside of stateside business hours. For decision-makers who still work from home, the option to get quotes online instead of via phone can be an incredible asset with continued staff quarantines. 

By automating customer experience components, shippers and forwarders can provide the flexibility required in today’s day and age. This elevated CX also provides shippers with all of the details they need to move forward with shipment execution on their end.

Additional Benefits of Integrated Automation in Your Workflows 

Automation is an incredible tool in the fast-paced industry of freight. Here are just some of the additional ways this tool can benefit your CX workflow: 

  • Faster Invoicing – With an entirely automated workflow, RPAs can pull data required for each invoice and automatically send them off at the determined time. This minimizes customer confusion and maximizes the opportunity for open payment communication 
  • Instant Responsiveness via Email Bots – By removing tedious tasks from those responsible for customer service, employees are better equipped and available to handle the scenarios that require a human touch.
  • Engage Customers Around the Clock – With track and trace technology, forwarders can automate customer alerts and provide helpful customer service chatbots that improve service and shipment visibility at any time of day.
  • Avoid Document Sharing Issues – By moving to integrated cloud-based automation software, businesses and customers can remove the hindrances preventing their documents from reaching each other. 
  • Aggregate data to understand performance through analytics – By automating customer experiences, business owners can remove data entry from their manual load while maximizing their opportunities to optimize CX.

Start Automating Customer Experiences With RPA Labs 

Although labor analysts have been wrong before, there still stands a looming workforce shortage in today’s supply chains. By fully integrating RPA into freight forwarding and shipping, business owners can do more with less, all without sacrificing customer experience. In fact, automated customer experience provides business owners with more logistical data than ever to continue improving their customer’s perceptions. If you are still wondering, “what is CX automation’s future in my business?” talk to an expert at RPA Labs by scheduling a demo today.

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