Gain The Benefits of Logistics Automation in 5 Steps


The digital age is changing how businesses do business. The rise of technology has also rapidly increased the amount of company data, where it’s stored, and its uses. Forbes reported, “somewhere between 60-73% of enterprise data sits idle on servers somewhere in the cloud, a squandered resource never tapped for the benefit of the business.” Robotic process automation in logistics uses these resources to enable freight forwarders to face the top challenges of their industry. This article will provide five steps to gaining the benefits of logistics automation.

1. Integrate Your Supply Chain Tech Stack

Today there are numerous options for technologies that specialize in different areas of business. When incorporating logistics automation, it’s important to ensure that all systems integrate appropriately. There is little to no return on investment (ROI) if an automation system is not compatible with the current managing systems. Integrating a supply chain tech stack may require removing one system and placing additional functions on another. This includes any robotics process automation (RPA) freight forwarders use to quote, book, and repeat.

2. Eliminate the Hassle of Manual Email Management

Tedious tasks are practically built for robotic process automation in logistics. Freight forwarders can maximize an RPA by creating predefined criteria that the system institutes upon meeting the requirements. Some examples of emails that can be automated include onboarding a new client, spreading feedback requests, or sending reminders for billing. Additionally, this can be helpful when linked with freight track and trace. By automating these logistical communications in a forwarding business, owners and employees are free to focus on business-building tasks.

3. Digitize All Documents

The age of paper-pushing is over in more ways than one. As more shippers and carriers move to a digitalized system, forwarders can do the same. Managing critical documents with automation consolidates file cabinets into an on-demand library accessible through a few simple keystrokes. Freight forwarders using automation for more data-driven processing cover a lot more ground by digitizing documents from the start. More data is accessible in this method as opposed to scanning into an optical character recognition program.

4. Share Updates in Real-Time

Consumers have gotten used to real-time tracking that can provide alerts when their personal shipments are just a few stops away. To get the benefits of logistics automation, robotic process automation incorporates that type of customer service into the supply chain. Freight forwarders who automate ocean container tracking use RPA to integrate track and trace into automated email management. Although buying RPA for the supply chain may sound frivolous to the experienced in the field, the ability to share updates in real time is becoming invaluable due to consumer expectations in business-to-consumer environments. 

5. Leverage Chatbots to Interact With Shippers in Real-Time

When considering RPA, chatbots are one of the most obvious incorporations. Most individuals have had the opportunity to work with one on a personal level, if not corporate. Freight forwarders can leverage this automated technology by adding prebuilt and trained chatbots to customer-facing systems. By utilizing off-the-shelf chatbots, there will be fewer problems with incorrect responses due to the AI misunderstanding terminology or common challenges. A chatbot provides customer service around-the-clock, letting forwarders focus on other priorities. 

Boost Efficiency & Gain The Benefits of Logistics Automation

As the digital age continues to reign, there are countless more benefits of logistics automation whenc companies implement more robotic process automation in logistics in freight forwarding businesses. It’s essential for forwarders to partner with credible, experienced RPA providers to integrate their systems and remove the hassle of tedious tasks. To find out how your company can institute the five logistics automating steps suggested above, schedule a demo with RPA Labs today.

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