RPA and Data Analytics: Using Automation for More Data-Driven Processing


As advancements and competition continue to rise throughout the supply chain, companies must find a way to gain an advantage through digital transformation. Robotic process automation (RPA) can provide the opportunity to streamline critical processes while benefiting the systems. RPA and data analytics continue to gain interest throughout the supply chain due to their potential for data-driven processing. As Logistics Management claims about RPA, “Worldwide commercial robot revenue in warehouses will have a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 23% from 2021 to 2030 and exceed USD 51 billion by 2030, according to a new report by ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm.” RPA can provide many benefits, from efficiency to more advanced collaboration throughout networks and the shipping industry. Companies can eliminate tactical band-aids, avoid high profiting disruptions, and provide a long-term intelligent automation strategy.

The Challenge of Limited Data in Supply Chain Management

As new issues arise daily and the supply chain and companies face volatile market trends, they must have accurate data and data analytics to achieve comprehensive supply chain management. Throughout the supply chain, companies must gain end-to-end insights through data to keep up with suppliers, products, and customer data or demands. With limited data in the supply chain, companies can face difficulties such as:

  • An inability to coordinate
  • Missed pickups and deliveries.
  • Excess check calls
  • Lack of responsiveness to emails
  • Back-office inefficiencies

Rather than face such issues and other disruptions, companies can utilize RPA and data analytics to gain the benefits of data-driven processing and management. RPA and advanced automation can provide enhanced data, visibility, and Improved efficiency throughout the supply chain to improve management and more. 

RPA Empowers Freight Management Parties With Data-Driven Management

Through data and analytics, companies already have an advantage with management and against their competitors. However, utilizing RPA and data analytics in tandem can increase the company’s already existing benefits and network. RPA and data can promptly allow freight management and transportation logistics to gain even more efficiency and benefits. RPA allows for more visibility and shipment status in real-time for customers and other freight parties. This will increase accountability and allow fewer mistakes to occur or receive proper correction. 

Additional Ways Automation Creates New Value for Shippers and Global Logistics

RPA and data analytics can provide many benefits and full advantages throughout the supply chain to allow for improved optimization and more. As a business grows, no company wants to improve while  sacrificing other aspects. Furthermore, with the benefits of RPA, companies will experience increased value and advantages without any sacrifice. Through automation advancements, businesses should expect greater efficiencies and other improvements such as these: 

  1. Increased throughput
  2. Management by exception
  3. Less confusion
  4. Integrated email management
  5. Collaboration through processing
  6. Fewer status inquiries
  7. Monitor scheduling
  8. Reduce operational costs
  9. Enhanced shipment details

Utilizing RPA allows companies to overcome many of their difficulties and daily disruptions while providing lasting benefits. RPA can provide real-time visibility and reduce errors throughout company operations while promoting higher quality data. 

Put the Power of Automation, RPA, and Data Analytics to Work by Choosing the Right Software

Companies can use RPA and Data Analytics to promote benefits throughout the supply chain, such as improved customer experience, enhanced feedback, and automated data entry. As technology continues to evolve and have new advancements, companies have the opportunity to benefit from them. Robotics process automation can provide assistance rather than stress over incorrect data entry from humans. Connect with RPA Labs today to gain the benefits and enhancements of virtual robotics.

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