Document Management System for Shipping: Using Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots

Document management system for shipping

Logistics managers and experts should budget for automation so that they can improve their current document management system for shipping. As businesses and organizations in logistics drift from the more traditional supply chain processes, embracing automation across all activities, from customer service requests through managing the ever-growing list of emails, will put them on the path to greater productivity, growth and scalability. A traditional document management system for shipping uses too many manual hours that increase the likelihood for error, and that doesn’t even consider the lost time spent sorting through emails to find details.  The integration of this platform can transform using robotic process automation and chatbots to complete rule-based computer functions and automate repetitive tasks in less time. Disorganization in document management can cause many issues, so automating this information is the best avenue. 

Traditional Document Management Uses Too Many Manual Hours and Increases Error

Another way RPA is transforming transportation and logistics is by automating document management, according to Traditional methods of documentation are made easier with new systems becoming more readily available in the industry. Older processes continue to become obsolete with the implementation of RPA to manage back-office workflows, email or chatbot-guided interactions. This increases efficiency helps alleviate the impact of the growing talent shortage and creates an ecosystem that is far more sustainable. However, there is little room for error, especially for smaller logistics companies. Boosting the document management system for shipping means investing in this technology so companies remain competitive in an already competitive market. 

RPA Enables Automation and Efficiency in Document Management System for Shipping

The entire idea behind combining RPA with a document management system for shipping is that it encourages efficiency and automation within all systems. It grants shippers the ability to process shipments faster. It also assists with document procurement and better access to information. Automatically processing many transactions simultaneously saves so much valuable time. RPA bots deliver information and tracking on command, combing email to find data and compile responses comparable to a human interaction. This sets the stage for increased profit potential by freeing up work hours spent on those time-consuming document management tasks. 

Ways RPA and Chatbots Enable Actionability of Documents 

Additional ways RPA and chatbots assist with a document management system for shipping is by enabling actionability. Documentation can be automated and with this system boost, they are sorted and sent immediately. Other ways RPA and chatbots help enable actionability to include: 

  • RPA sharing of POD and BOL. Proof of delivery (POD) and a bill of lading (BOL) both essentially mean customers absolutely received their packages. RPA streamlines the process of this documentation by uploading the information automatically. 
  • Updating systems of record based on documents and vice versa. RPA and chatbots update systems automatically without any need for human confirmation. They also store the information for when it is needed. 
  • Trigger additional workflows when an exception is noted in documentation. If an issue arises that needs to be addressed, software bots spontaneously upload documents and enable the next step before teams intervene. 
  • Auto-invoicing and notifying partners of details. Bots send off the information automatically, notifying all stakeholders before they ask or before an issue arises. 
  • Processing payments and auto-reconciliation. Automated payments are possible with RPA and chatbots, and if consumers have an issue that needs to be resolved, that can be done without the use of manual hours. 
  • Reconciliation of inventory logs. Consolidation of inventory logs and automating this process keeps logistics managers in the loop so they can keep inventory stocked and ready to go regardless of how suppliers communicate, whether by email, integrated platforms, or digital document sharing. 

Combat Disorganized Document Management by Using Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots Today

With all of the benefits RPA has for a document management system for shipping, it also boosts automations for freight forwarders and other logistics experts. Combat disorganization today and implement RPA and chatbots. Schedule a demo with RPA Labs to get started.

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