RPA in the Shipping Industry: What’s Possible to Automate?

RPA in the Shipping Industry

While robotic process automation (RPA) integration provides an invaluable service within the many facets of the logistics industry, RPA in the shipping industry can also yield benefits from the numerous boosts in efficiency as well. The utilization of RPA is transforming transportation and logistics with logistics process automation, and chatbots, including automating customer service queries and making email management a turnkey process through email response bots. From automating orders at the very beginning of the process, collaborating with network partners to viewing shipments in real-time, managing order statuses, and not compromising customer service, RPA is there for the needed break team members need. Let’s consider some of how this happens and why it’s invaluable to modern logistics. 

Automating Orders From Inception By Integrating RPA Into Your OMS

Implementing RPA in the shipping industry helps automate the tedious and manual processes of processing orders and other automations for freight forwarders. Using Robotic Process Automation in the shipping industry helps pick out shipment details, monitor scheduling, and provide delivery or pick-up times for portals that are used. It can also integrate with payment systems and capture carrier data from their websites to further automate this process. The human touch is almost not needed with the processes and use cases that RPA offers in the supply chain.

Collaborate With Network Partners and View Shipment Status With Real-Time Visibility

Make use of software customer service chatbots to collaborate with both customers and network partners and perform tasks such as viewing shipment status in real-time. This opens up visibility and allows for each level of the logistics chain to monitor shipments in tandem with other processes. Doing so will help eliminate costly errors. Tracking shipments this way provides viewing access to everyone, promotes accountability, and creates more opportunities to catch mistakes before they become issues. RPA in the shipping industry encourages collaboration and helps strengthen freight technology packages already in place. And this continues by reducing the hassle of managing business-to-business email as well. 

Manage Orders Status Inquiries Automatically Without Compromising Customer Service

Managing orders and the ability to process shipments faster just became easier to boost freight forwarding customer service in the process. This means processing and payments also can be automated to efficiently proceed through each step. That includes vendors, shippers, carriers, and other logistics partners who participate in each transaction. In addition to order status management, procedures such as load matching with available transport and order management can be streamlined through RPA.

Using RPA in the shipping industry can bring data together across multiple platforms and consolidate the information for users and customers. Organizing portals and delivery status updates are automated for customers and shippers to view without compromising the services offered. 

Integrate Your Systems Today to Tap Into the Power of RPA In the Shipping Industry

For logistics businesses, there is a great need to budget for logistics automation and implement RPA in the shipping industry. Integrate systems today and hold the power of improved order processing and customer service and employee experiences. According to Customer Think, customer experience and employee engagement are the two crucial aspects of any business. Implementing RPA can allow you to achieve both. On one hand, you allocate your high value and expensive resources on the front line to ensure customer satisfaction. And on the other hand, RPA does repetitive tasks so that employees can concentrate on more productive tasks that increase engagement amongst them.” In other words, shippers do not have to compromise one for the other. Schedule a demo with RPA Labs to get started. 

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