Freight Spot Quotes: How Freight Chatbots Can Automate Quoting

When issues arise during transport, spot quotes are the quickest and most efficient path to resolution. Many challenges are inherent with traditional quoting. Instances such as overquoting and delayed quote times can be detrimental to shippers. However, freight chatbots can instantly identify a quote request, even in email, review data sources, and upload the quote for a quick solution. 


By automating quoting, shippers resolve their issues with the carriers faster and build better customer experiences. In addition to faster resolutions for manual quote requests, automating freight chatbots can generate quotes for ground, ocean, and air on-demand, making it easier to determine which mode is correct for each shipment. This is designed to be the only touchpoint shippers need to get back on track. Freight forwarders no longer need to sit for hours waiting on back and forth emails. Freight management parties need to understand the challenges in traditional freight spot quotes and why RPA-driven quoting processes are the next advancement in freight management.


Challenges of Freight Spot Quotes Without Automated Quoting


The challenges of manual freight spot quotes include many areas of waste. For example, hours of wasted time emailing several carriers and awaiting their replies, compiling carrier quotes, and choosing one take a ton of time. After all of the wasted manpower, they might leave behind incomplete information, leading to possible freight shipping delays. Overall, it is not practical, and it is not a sustainable, long-term solution for a business. But as the industry evolves, more companies are finding room in their budget for automation. That’s especially true when it comes to leveraging chatbots and RPA to review incoming requests, including emails, to generate on-demand responses that appear no different from physical, human interaction.


Instantly Grant Hassle-Free Freight Spot Quotes With Freight Chatbots


A leading benefit of automating freight spot quotes is the ability to respond to quote requests instantly. There is no waiting period, and the best possible rate is selected. Companies upload the information for the carriers; then, the spot quotes are assessed by analytics as software bots complete the rest. At the same moment, a carrier is selected and notified via email or their TMS, if applicable. 


Without some logistics automation, this complicated multistep manual process of generating spot quotes is rife with risk for failure due to human intervention. Freight chatbots help prevent issues like delayed responses from freight forwarders. With customers only truly accepting quotes around 20% of the time, chatbots that can work around the clock and find capacity partners, including forwarders or brokers with available transportation, can maximize efficiency.


Tips to Choose the Right Chatbot for Your Organization


Spot quotes are more accessible with chatbots. Automations for freight forwarders must ensure the best performance and most effective use of technology, which comes down to working with exhaustless chatbots to handle more requests. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and it helps to have a few tips when looking for the right chatbot solution for email and overall quoting needs.


  • Identify areas of the workflow that need automation the most and go from there. Some businesses might not have the budget for upgrading to automation. For the best bang for a buck, upgrade the areas that need the most improvement and expand systems over time. 
  • Ensure the security of data. Doing so will also ensure only pertinent information is processed and shared. Information regarding carriers and shippers is stored through many devices, and mitigating that risk is a priority. Evaluating the security of the system can help avoid these risks.
  • Concentrate on user-friendliness. The entire idea surrounding automated spot quotes is that everyone can use them. While the data is automatically emailed and booked for carriers, customers also use this software to follow up after an order or experience is completed. So look for a chatbot that’s prebuilt and ready to go on day one. 

Improve Your Throughput Today by Implementing Chatbots


Spot quoting can be more accessible if logistics service providers and shippers implement chatbots. By automating quotes, it is possible to improve throughput by transforming transportation and logistics and getting more shipments to their final destination in record time. The good news for companies looking to automate quickly is that the cost of entry into automation is much lower than in previous years. Developments in technology and lower costs for equipment are allowing small and midsize companies to explore automation,” states There’s literally never been a better time to invest in the future of your supply chain with chatbots and email response bots. Request a demo with RPA Labs to get started. 

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