Chatbots to Automated Freight Tender: RPA Sets a New Gold Standard

Robotic processing automation (RPA) and chatbot technologies are now accepted more readily and are more commonly used across a growing number of industries. From freight tender processes to customer communications to supply network management, there are many ways chatbots and logistics process automation can improve freight management processes. This, of course, includes using RPA to handle email inquiries and keep the communication going strong.

While the focus often falls on digital engagement, RPA’s value proposition continues to be the many ways in which various systems and platforms can work together in game-changing ways. Automated chatbots and automated processes through email response bots are becoming the new gold standard for freight operations and management within the modern supply chain network. Understanding freight tender impact and the benefits this innovation can provide is critical for shippers and forwarders alike. Let’s take a closer look at why and how this happens.

The Challenges of Traditional, Manual Freight Tender Processes

Traditional methods of freight management and manual tendering have long been plagued with problems and shortcomings. Challenges with outdated freight tender processes include:

  • Issues with customer service interactions, such as an inability to respond to emails in a timely manner
  • Confusion in communications due to inaccurate or outdated data
  • Order accuracy concerns
  • A lack of track and trace visibility into the logistics network
  • Customer dissatisfaction resulting from late deliveries, limited capacity and missed opportunities
  • Limited collaboration with 3PLs resulting in issues with fleet organization

These and many other common issues can be overcome with an innovative and personalized approach to freight tendering and shipping management. 

How Automation Promotes Increased Throughput and Makes the Entire Freight Management and Logistics Process More Streamlined

Embracing advances within innovation and logistics automation are critical components to any organization’s survival in a modern, technologically driven market. Improved access to data, more accurate communications, real-time analysis, better disruption response, faster collaborations, increased freight tender acceptance, and amplified throughput can all become a reality with the right automation system in place. Automations put more tools and resources in the hands of freight managing team members, directors, personnel, and operators, and by using RPA, it’s easier to handle the day-to-day, back-office process requests that come into any organization.

However, a poorly planned shift toward technology can create additional problems if not managed correctly. Implementing new software requires proper onboarding and training to fully and optimally streamline the day-to-day freight management process. The process of improving freight procurements and boosting bid acceptance rates all ties back to the proper utilization of RPA and automated tools within the supply chain. After all, automation in email management and data aggregation from emails will go a long way toward boosting productivity.

Top Benefits of Utilizing Chatbots to Find Coverage, Avoid Missed Pickups, Reduce Delivery Delays, and Expand Customer Base

The recent innovation of prebuilt chatbots and automated systems can improve freight tender management and processes in several ways. Intelligent data analysis, collaborative platforms, enhanced budget systems, and real-time data access make it easier to find coverage when needed, avoid missed opportunities, reduce the frequency of delays, and expand customer reach with superior services.

Robotics, automation, chatbots, and smart AI technology are revolutionizing the shipping and transportation industries in ways few could have predicted. According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, a recent industry survey showed that just under 50% of companies plan to increase their RPA spending budget in the coming years. Overall, RPA is being used to increase agility, diversity, and resilience for chain managers; address cost and fee increases by automating back-office and operational tasks, and provide additional support to remote workforces and third-party team members. 

Embrace New Technology and Automation Today by Tapping into the Power and Potential of Pre-Built Intelligent Chatbot RPA

The pandemic has forever transformed the way consumers shop and how shippers and carriers approach transportation services. RPA and machine-based automation have become invaluable assets for businesses that are struggling to keep pace with the changing market demands and customer needs. The time to automate is now. Digital skill sets become critical for ongoing growth and success. To enhance retention and productivity and maintain a strong competitive advantage, freight tender processes need to be automated and supported with data-driven AI-based chatbots and platforms. It is all possible with prebuilt intelligent chatbots and innovative RPA software services. Request a demo of RPA Labs chatbot to get started.

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