How Supply Chain & Logistics Process Automation Are Improving Customer Experience

Logistics management within the supply chain network is one of the fastest-growing and most competitive industries in the global transportation market. Over the years, businesses have continually been looking for new opportunities to increase efficiency, boost profits, and enhance customer experiences. Most manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers have experienced the benefits of logistics process automation firsthand and fully embrace the innovation it provides. Robotic process automation is more than just technological jargon. It is a rapidly growing trend in the supply chain industry that helps businesses manage day-to-day processes more efficiently to ensure customer needs are met.

Challenges Driving the Need for Better Customer Experiences

Several challenges exist within the logistics and supply chain network that can impact customer experiences. Dealing with poor communications, lost records and receipts, delayed or inaccurate tracking services, and missed delivery deadlines are common issues that often drive customers from one company to another in search of better services. Logistics process automation and chatbot technology can help address these issues quickly and easily.

Additionally, using automated responses is not limited to chatbots. Supply chain professionals can leverage automation to respond to incoming emails, incorporate email data into an existing TMS, and keep everyone on the same page. There’s further evidence that the industry is moving toward increased automation efforts across the board, including using machine learning. According to Customer Think, recent research shows that within the supply chain industry, the annual spend on automation and robotics has increased every year since 2016 and is expected to exceed $272 million by the end of 2021. This trend toward automation and machine learning continually drives more companies to look to logistics process automation services to meet customer demands.

Logistics Process Automation Promotes Efficiencies Through Enhanced Customer Integrations

Logistics process automation and innovative management utilize advanced technology and software programmed to do basic tasks faster and more efficiently than humans can. These automated bots and machines handle mundane and repetitive tasks while empowering team members to focus on more business-critical duties that require hands-on intervention. The benefits of this automation are incredibly impactful on supply chain management and logistics:

  • It allows for better communications within the supply chain, with 3PLs, and with customers.
  • It enables faster responses to driver concerns, delivery disruptions, and customer queries.
  • It offers improved levels of satisfaction among customers who do contact customer service.
  • It gives management and consumers alike on-demand 24/7 customer service access on the go.
  • It makes it easier to budget for even greater upgrades and improvements to the supply chain.

Robotic software systems, chatbots, and automated algorithms help speed up essential business processes and keep the business focused on the human side of things.

Additional Ways Automation Creates Better Experiences for Supply Chain and Logistics Consumers

A number of other benefits can be gained through a more automated and technologically based platform for supply chains and logistics. Understanding these benefits is critical to realizing the full use of logistics process automation services:

  • Better third-party partnerships and ongoing collaborations and partnerships.
  • Improved communications with shippers, carriers, and forwarders. 
  • Fewer delays and dead haul miles mean greater levels of productivity.
  • Less wasted time and resources through streamlined internal processes.
  • Greater freedom for drivers to make decisions and be semi self-sufficient. 
  • Improved scheduling, ordering, and status tracking from end to end.

These AI-based tools are specially designed to reduce the burden of repetitive, simple tasks on employees so they can take care of customers and ensure their needs remain a priority, their questions are answered, and their comments or concerns are heard.

Embrace the Innovated Improvements to Supply Chain Logistics Can Make for Customer Experiences

Many within the supply chain logistics and management industry have shifted from outdated manual processes to more innovative and automated processes. Shippers of all sizes and types have experienced the benefits of logistics process automation firsthand and now are beginning to realize the full potential these improvements offer. Robotic process automation is not just a passing fad or a fading trend in the supply chain industry. 

It is an innovative revolution that is changing how supply chain administrators manage critical processes to make the entire supply chain more efficient. In turn, the ultimate result is improved customer service and enhanced customer experiences from start to finish. Request a demo with RPA Labs today to see logistics process automation in action.