What Are Sailing Schedules & How Can Logistics Chatbots Keep Customers & Employees Always Up to Date?

For anyone involved in logistics, managing multi-modal shipping can be overwhelming, with navigating sailing schedules and those using different methods to transport their goods. Shippers can use customer service chatbots to keep their consumers up to date while staying informed with regard to shipment status. Real-time visibility provides status updates for freight forwarders and shippers as last-minute changes can cause disruptions for importers and exporters. Using outdated methods to transport overseas can cause hiccups like creating inaccurate sailing schedules. Chatbots leverage data sourcing from emails and other documents when providing updates that inform all stakeholders. Chatbots are quickly becoming extremely powerful tools allowing more proactive management of sailing schedules. 

The Challenges of Tracking Sailing Schedules

Traditional methods of tracking sailing schedules are outdated and frequently present new challenges. Without the right centralized data system, last-minute changes, delays, or other issues begin a ripple effect that reaches each level of transportation for shippers. As explained by MoreThanShipping.com, missing crucial cutoff times also affects everyone if scheduling is thrown off. Issues or delays in ocean freight will compromise efficiency, reliability and hinders faster shipping

Logistics Chatbots Leverage All Data Sources, Including Emails, to Keep Everyone in the Loop

One perk of utilizing a chatbot is that it leverages all of the data sources from emails to daily documentation for the purpose of keeping everyone in the loop. By doing so, schedules can be made available for everyone. In addition to ocean freight benefiting from this service, freight can be offloaded and ready for the next phase of transport immediately once the ship docks in port. This leaves little to no room for error and keeps the supply chain flowing with no hiccups or delays resulting in excess costs. It also helps transform transportation and automate logistics processes.

Added Benefits of ChatBots to Manage Sailing Schedules and Share Updates

Managing sailing schedules is mundane, tedious, and time-consuming. That time can and should be spent on more important tasks that drive company growth. Additional benefits of using chatbots to manage sailing schedules include:


  • Automate emails and reduce time spent trying to sift through them. Downloading emails to a shared platform will reduce the amount of time spent looking through them to see what pertinent information is being shared. This time could be spent on other work that does not involve clerical hassle. 
  • Create a solution to outdated software that causes errors through the data. Paperwork errors frequently cause shipping delays. These prove to be costly in the short and long term. Upgrading software for sailing schedules will be the best option for shippers to eliminate such errors. 
  • Upload documents automatically and reduce back-office error and backlog. Access to documents does not have to be an issue. Many documents can be uploaded automatically and shared in real-time, accommodating everyone who needs access. 
  • Instant visibility and more organized scheduling for ocean freight. Providing instant visibility creates a more transparent experience and increases insight for shipments. Organized scheduling begins with effective, timely communication… and chatbots perform this function. 


Share Sailing Schedule Information Seamlessly With Chatbots That Can Make a Meaningful Difference

Integrating chatbots can minimize risks and make all the difference in that final mile. Keeping sailing schedules organized to help prevent costly delays or holds is an important feature of this software. Streamline the process by automating those time-consuming and mundane tasks of clerical work and keep everyone in the loop. Creating that instantaneous visibility with software bots empowers every level of the supply chain to work in harmony and prevents backlogs created by delays. Do not lose one more customer to disorganized sailing schedules. And don’t forget to book a demo with RPA Labs today.

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