Customer Service Chatbots: The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics Customer Experience

Customer service chatbots, part of a growing trend known as robotic process automation, have revolutionized the world of online customer interaction and communications. Chatbots make it easier to answer common questions and deal with customer queries promptly. The most significant benefit these chatbots have for the supply chain and logistics customer experience is that they automate customer touchpoints from the first point of contact. Chatbots free up service agents to focus on higher-quality touchpoints while automating mundane, repetitive tasks, such as providing answers for common requests.

Chatbots can also boost overall profits. McKinsey estimated that AI could generate between $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion annually in additional value, thanks to increased usage in multiple U.S. niche markets and sectors. 

Experts predict greater adoption RPA in supply chain management, marketing and sales, accounting for 66% — or a staggering $2 trillion —  in potential value for transportation service providers. This innovative, machine-based technology can help drive customer satisfaction and further streamline operations for shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers. That is what pre-programmed customer service chatbots have to offer the industry today as more in the logistics, supply chain and freight industries move toward using automated tools and innovations. 

How Changes in Transportation Services and Consumer Market Demands Require a Renewed Focus on Automation and Machine Learning

The transportation industry’s future hinges on the ability of shippers and service providers, such as freight forwarders, to maximize the efficiency of communications and offer desirable amenities to customers today. On-demand communications, real-time updates, and personalized services are easier to deliver anytime, anywhere with customer service chatbots. The changes in the consumer market require a stronger focus on machine learning and automated communication systems. This is where prebuilt and intelligent software bots help change the way customers interact with transportation service providers. 

Customer Service Innovations: Prebuilt Chatbots Provide Automated Documentation, Communication, and Workflow

The rising popularity of customer service chatbots from a business standpoint makes sense when considering three key drivers:

Prebuilt chatbots are designed to be implemented immediately and used from day one. Pretrained bots are specially programmed to recognize key terms and phrases for the freight, supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries. These benefits of RPA in the supply chain help managers get their systems up and running faster and easier than trying to build in-house chatbots from scratch, which can be very time-consuming and costly. 

Benefits of Utilizing Customer Service Chatbots and How They Can Improve Supply Chain Logistics and Customer Experiences

Many unique benefits are waiting for shippers and carriers who embrace innovative changes like machine learning and automated customer service chatbots. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Faster resolutions of issues so the customer maintains confidence in the shipper’s abilities and capabilities. 
  • More straightforward process for updating customers on delivery status or delays with automated tracking and notifications.
  • More efficient back-office operations that empower team members to focus on critical tasks and processes.
  • Increased productivity, as the chatbots can deal with basic consumer needs and simple informational queries. 
  • Enables shippers and service providers, such as freight forwarders, to manage better resources, budgets, staffing, and internal processes. 
  • Better communication between managers, customer service team members, and customers with real-time accessibility.

Take Advantage of Automation and Streamlined Operations With Preprogrammed Chatbot Services and Embrace the Future of Supply Chain Logistics

Automated chatbots have changed the way consumers think about online interactions and communications. Intelligent, AI-based chatbots make it easier for customers to get their questions answered faster and more reliably. Customer service chatbots are here to stay and may very well soon become the norm within supply chain logistics and customer interactions.  Embracing these changes and automation today will pay huge dividends down the road! Schedule a demo with RPA Labs to see for yourself or find out more about RPA Engage‘s email response bot and AI-enabled logistics chat bots.

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