With the rise of competition and market pressure, it is becoming more difficult to meet the profit margins needed to grow in the freight forwarding industry. Forwarders are facing increased pressure to:

  • Become digital
  • Offer a better experience to the customer
  • Grow the business with more jobs completed per person
  • Commit less mistakes

Customers are also getting more demanding – asking their vendors to move faster, answering their requests without waiting. Instant notification and gratification is becoming the standard. RPA Labs realizes that “doing more with less” is the holy grail to growing the business, so we developed custom solutions that allow freight forwarders to digitize with ease. Here are our top seven automations we think every Freight Forwarder should implement in their workflows.

1. Quote & Booking Automation

More than 75% of customers buy from the company that responds first. Sales conversions are even higher if there is a response within the first minute. Instant response times give companies an edge over their competitors, leading to more wins and happier customers.  

2. Sailing Schedules

RPA Labs automatically collects, processes, and migrates sailing schedules from emails, portals, EDI Messages, forms, third party websites, and more, into your system. We allow freight forwarders to improve shipment management with up-to-date schedule information from over 120 connected carriers. 

3. Document Automation

RPA Labs’ Document Automation allows for seamless system-to-system interaction with a no-code interface. Migrating data from shipping instructions, BOLs, packing invoices, and other documents has never been easier.

4. Container Tracking

Enhance customer visibility with notifications and tracking updates sent every step of the way, eliminating manual time spent providing updates and allowing customers the freedom from sending follow-up messages. 

5. Detention/Demurrage Management

Companies experience massive profit loss due to detention/demurrage fees, not to mention the countless employee hours spent manually reviewing each case. Our solutions provide visibility, proactive management, and creates a new profit source by applying robotic process automation. 

6. Rate & Ocean Contract Management

Keeping rates up to date is a nightmare. RPA Labs works with several providers to make sure that the rates quoted are accurate. We automate the contract extraction and upload process, decreasing time spent loading contracts into systems. In turn, this decreases labor costs and will effectively be able to accept more customers to handle rate management. 

7. Real-Time Notifications

Enhance your customer experience by providing instant notifications for every milestone via email, WhatsApp/SMS, or custom chatbots. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing the status of their shipment – without having to send an email or pick up the phone. 


Interested in becoming a digital Freight Forwarder? Request our guide for more information!